See you at the HHCA 6th Annual Auction - Saturday April 22nd, 2017, Lebanon Livestock Barn, Lebanon, MO

Yearling Belted Galloway Heifer

Yearling Belted Galloway Heifer.
Contact to see her.

Thanks to John and Stephanie Wilson of Bolivar,MO
for the purchase of " Hoss" Highland bull at Farm Fest.

Baby- Purebred Highland Heifer. Halter/Lead trained. DOB 11/14/15. Enjoys kids, petting, rangecubes. Hard work is done. You just take her home and love on her.
SOLD - Thanks to Joel and Morgan Chapman of Crane,MO. for their purchase of Baby.

SOLD - Thanks to Laura Keck in Huntsville, AR for purchasing Claire.
Claire- Mostly Highland/Cross Polled Heifer. DOB 12/04/15. Looks to be a nice breeder. Wonderful personality. Halter/lead trained. $1400

Derica - Register Highland Heifer, # 55707.
Good conformation, looks to be a good breeder. Good bloodlines. Comes to range cubes. Good herd animal. At this time not a hands on animal. $1200.

Scottish Highland Beef

Highland beef is a lean, well marbled, and flavorful meat with very little outside waste fat, as they are insulated with their long hair rather than a layer of fat. And unlike standard beef breeds, Highlander beef is naturally marbled. Independent testing laboratories have determined that grass-fed Highland beef is actually lower in cholesterol than chicken.

At the Hairy Cow farm, we offer premium quality Scottish Highland beef. All of our cattle are pasture raised and can be grass or grain finished to your specifications. Our beef is processed under inspection and all cattle are treated humanely. We have extra-lean ground beef available in 1 pound packages. At times we will have 1/2 beef for sale. Custom orders available. Please contact us for pricing or more information.