See you at the HHCA 7th Annual Auction - Saturday April 28nd, 2018, Lebanon Livestock Barn, Lebanon, MO

Thanks to Sarah and Matt Schilling of Raymondville, MO for the purchase of the 3 heifers.

Price: SOLD
Unregistered Heifer.
Could be ready to breed appox. first of the year/2018.
Gentle, halter trained, loves range cubes.
Wonderful addition to any herd.
Great conformation.
Let Summer come home to live with you. She really is that "Summer Dream"

Red Heifer
Price: SOLD
Halter trained.
Get her now when she is young and bond with her.
Dam: Unregistered Red Queen
Sire: Zorrow, Reg# 54017

Dun Heifer
Price: SOLD
Halter trained.
Loves those range cubes.
Dam: Unregistered Dun Megan
Sire: Zorrow, REg# 54017

Price: $999
Gentle, Range cube friendly. ( She really likes the range cubes)
Should be ready to be bred soon.

Scottish Highland Beef

Highland beef is a lean, well marbled, and flavorful meat with very little outside waste fat, as they are insulated with their long hair rather than a layer of fat. And unlike standard beef breeds, Highlander beef is naturally marbled. Independent testing laboratories have determined that grass-fed Highland beef is actually lower in cholesterol than chicken.

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